About Me

My name is Devon and I was born, raised and am still living life in beautiful Los Angeles. I am both a UCLA Bruin and a USC Trojan, a Brojan if you will, although when football season comes around you won’t see me in any shade of red! I’m pursuing a career I love and making a home for my new hubby and I in West Los Angeles. We were recently married and I am so excited to now officially be Mrs. P!


Ever since I was a little girl I watched my Mom decked out in pearls and a freshly pressed apron, create beautiful tablescapes and prepare delectable 5 course meals for Gourmet Club fit for the cover of Bon Appetite, all with elegance and grace….Haha, yeah right!

My mom was an amazing career woman, and even more incredible mother, who was determined to have it all. So yes when guests arrived things were picture perfect, but the scene before was my Mom in a ratty t-shirt covered in flour, running around like a mad woman, yelling for me to get out of her way as she furiously threw the dishes in the dishwasher and swooped up the rest of the mess into her beloved junk drawer!

I have grown up to be just like her, well about 8 inches shorter hence my pint size, and have learned that you can juggle it all. I believe that you can have a career, bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and make it to spin class on time! Oh yeah, and my kitchen might smell of Clorox as I leave for t