Pestelos Paradise Diaries – Au Revoir Moorea, Ia Orana Bora Bora

Rain rain go away, come again another day!

While our little straw hut kept us safe after a night of thunder, lightening, and vertical waterfalls, I was pretty sure we’d wake up on Day 5 on a little motu with me in a sequin dress and Carl in white pants and boat hat, ay ay skipper! Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip! With the storm lingering we debated our plans for the day. We had booked a lagoon tour but with no end in sight of those nasty 50 shades of grey clouds we thought, hmmm is it time for Bora Bora?

After a few rounds of sesame bread and pineapple we realized those stubborn rain clouds had sunk their teeth in and our lagoon day would turn into a day sharing an iPad to watch Mad Men or my biggest fear, playing cards with Carl, “what beats a pair again?” So we managed a few hotel and plane changes, what would have been a 40 minute flight was now 3 flights over 6 hours, packed our bags and said au revoir to Moorea! Of course as we arrived at the Moorea airport poof, the clouds part and the sun decides to wake up and come out to play!  Ugh!

By dusk we finally touched down in Bora Bora. While juggling 8 bottles of wine and our 5 pieces of luggage, I kept asking Carl, “Did we make the right decision to leave early? I’m nervous, what if Moorea is better? I loved our little hut and room 90. I don’t know ab